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The role of volatile capture technology in desflurane disposal from decommissioned vaporisers
By Dr Rebecca McIntyre
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Pediatric anesthetic for tracheobronchial foreign body extraction
By Dr Meghan Cooney
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Efficacy of an expanded preoperative survey during perioperative care to identify illicit substance use in teenagers and adolescents

Pediatric Anesthesia

Submitted December 2023 by Dr Su May Koh

Illicit substance use is increasing in the teenage and adolescent population and relying on parental history alone is unlikely to be reliable. Illicit substance use and abuse not only has...

Efficacy of a hybrid technique of simultaneous videolaryngoscopy with flexible bronchoscopy in children with difficult direct laryngoscopy in the Pediatric Difficult Intubation Registry


Submitted December 2023 by Dr David Rawson

This study examined the effectiveness and safety of a hybrid technique – videolaryngoscope (VL) with flexible bronchoscope (FB) – in paediatric patients with difficult tracheal...

Transnasal Humidified Rapid Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange Augments Oxygenation in Children With Juvenile Onset Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis During Surgery

A Prospective Randomized Crossover Controlled Trial

Anesthesia Analgesia

Submitted December 2023 by Dr Chris Brasher

Children undergoing suspension laryngoscopy for papillomatosis surgery were randomised to either THRIVE or room air during apnoea. All patients were paralysed and intubated/ventilated periodically....

Anesthesia and Sedation Exposure and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Infants Undergoing Congenital Cardiac Surgery

A Retrospective Cohort Study


Submitted December 2023 by Dr Rebecca McIntyre

The authors of this retrospective study hypothesized that greater exposure to sedation and anaesthesia in children undergoing complex cardiac surgery is associated with lower neurodevelopmental...

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