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The accuracy of the ultrasound measured transverse cricoid diameter and the epiphyseal transverse diameter of the distal radius in predicting the pediatric endotracheal tube size
By Dr Sorcha Evans
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It's time to stop using nitrous oxide for pediatric mask induction
By Dr Andrew Chazan
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The effect of augmented reality on preoperative anxiety in children and adolescents

A randomized controlled trial

Pediatric Anesthesia

Submitted November 2023 by Dr Jon Stacey

Augmented Outcomes or Virtual Benefits? Prior to a more thorough discussion, and for those with limited time, it must first be noted that the text of the abstract and that of the manuscript’s main...

Effect of BIS-guided anesthesia on emergence delirium following general anesthesia in children

A prospective randomized controlled trial

Anaesthesia Critical Care & Pain Medicine

Submitted February 2024 by Dr Priya Sreedharan

This prospective, randomised, double-blinded study was conducted at the University hospital of Ostrava in the Czech Republic. The study hypothesized that optimizing the depth of general anaesthesia...


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