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Global investments to optimise the health and wellbeing of children with disabilities

A call to action

The Lancet

Submitted January 2023 by Dr Andrew Weatherall

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The Bottom Line
It is likely that paediatric anaesthetists are already on board with the message that more effort is required to address the needs of children with disabilities across the global health space and this is well written. It may lead to a momentary feeling of ‘yes, that is an excellent way of arguing for this important thing’ but it is unlikely to result in a change in what the reader does – unless the reader is part of the World Bank Group who are at the core of the
appeal for action.

Type of Article

Brief Summary
This is an informative editorial comment piece that provides solid data and context to demonstrate the huge gap between global health efforts to address the needs of children with disabilities and the actual commitments required to deal with the issue. The data chosen is comprehensive and provides a well-rounded perspective including highlighting the importance of education as part of the mix. The authors clearly display their expertise, are members of the Global Research on Developmental Disabilities Collaborators and have lived experience of disability.

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