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New blocks on the kids

Core basic nerve blocks in paediatric anaesthesia


Reviewed June 2023 by Dr Derek Rosen

This useful review article discusses the benefits of regional anaesthesia in children (anaesthesia sparing, opioid sparing, and a reduction in emergence delirium severity) despite its lower use...

Measures to prolong duration of sensory block after regional anaesthesia

Current Opinion in Anaesthesiology

Reviewed June 2023 by Dr Derek Rosen

This review article discusses the evidence for the different techniques used to prolong sensory neural blockade. Of the commonly used adjuvants dexamethasone (perineural 4mg, followed by intravenous...

Bilateral erector spinae plane blocks in children undergoing cardiac surgery

A randomized, controlled study

Journal of Clinical Anesthesia

Reviewed July 2023 by Dr Neil Hauser

This small, randomized control study of 40 patients investigated the utility of erector spinae plane blocks (ESPB) in paediatric sternotomy for cardiac procedures. The primary outcome was cumulative...

Unique Issues Related to Regional Anesthesia in Pediatric Orthopedics

Anesthesiology Clinics

Reviewed July 2023 by Dr Sinead Farrell

This review article addresses key questions about regional anaesthesia in paediatric practice. 1. Blocks under GA or deep sedation are safe in children and should be the default. • The benefit...


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