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How Did They Get There? What Perspectives From the Top Tell Us About Developing Women Leaders in Academic Anesthesiology

Anesthesia Analgesia

Submitted January 2023 by Dr Susan Hale

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This editorial focuses on the concept of sponsorship in academic medicine as raised in the above study [Basile et al, 2023] and reflects on how effective sponsorship can be promulgated at personal, institutional and professional society levels.

Trainees and early career faculty:
- Recognise the importance of sponsorship in career progression
- Recognise that not all mentors can be sponsors
- Be prepared for spontaneous self-promotion opportunities
- Adhere to terms of sponsorship agreements
- Seek opportunities to sponsor junior colleagues and mentees

Sponsors and potential sponsors:
- Consider sponsorship a fundamental leadership action
- Identify departmental, institutional or professional society needs as opportunities for sponsorship
- Intentionally pair protégés with specific opportunities
- Set clear expectations for sponsorship
- Commit funding to support sponsorship
- Understand that sponsored opportunities may require ongoing support of longitudinal mentorship
- Share successful sponsorship opportunities with colleagues

Professional societies:
- Offer specific opportunities for early career participation in society and conference activities
- Use society platforms to sponsor early career members and to highlight the work of effective mentors and sponsors
- Develop speakers bureaus or other platforms to endorse and facilitate self-promotion by early career members
- Set policies to ensure representation in underrepresented groups in society activities
- Accept self-nominations as an avenue for advancement for members without access to effective sponsors
- Ensure that organisational structures provide opportunities for career advancement

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