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Respiratory Adverse Events After LMA® Mask Removal in Children

A Randomized Trial Comparing Propofol to Sevoflurane

Anesthesia Analgesia

Reviewed June 2023 by Dr Justin Skowno

This RCT in 134 low risk children having general anaesthesia with an LMA were randomized between propofol and sevoflurane anaesthesia, with fentanyl analgesia, awake LMA removal and other clinical...

Dexmedetomidine Diminishes, but Does Not Prevent, Developmental Effects of Sevoflurane in Neonatal Rats

Anesthesia Analgesia

Reviewed July 2023 by Dr Suze Bruins

An animal study (rats), investigating whether pre-treatment with dexmedetomidine (DEX) can reduce sevoflurane-induced neuronal hyperexcitation and corticosterone release at the time of exposure, as...

The role of volatile capture technology in desflurane disposal from decommissioned vaporisers


Reviewed December 2023 by Dr Rebecca McIntyre

This letter outlines a pilot project examining a method for capturing retained desflurane from decommissioned desflurane vaporizers in the UK. As part of the NHS’s drive to be more environmentally...

Reducing the environmental impact of mask inductions in children

A quality improvement report

Pediatric Anesthesia

Reviewed December 2023 by Dr Tracy Jackson

The environmental impact of anaesthetic gases are of increasing concern. In Australia and New Zealand, children are traditionally induced by gas induction with high flow nitrous/oxygen and...


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