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Perth Children's Hospital
The usefulness of a nasopharyngeal multiplex polymerase chain reaction system to screen pediatric patients with preoperative fever

Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica

Submitted September 2023 by Dr Neil Hauser

Summary: This single-center retrospective observational study investigated the utility of a PCR respiratory panel (PCR FilmArray Respiratory Panel 2.1, Biomeriuex) to determine whether surgery...

Bilateral erector spinae plane blocks in children undergoing cardiac surgery

A randomized, controlled study

Journal of Clinical Anesthesia

Submitted September 2022 by Dr Neil Hauser

This small, randomized control study of 40 patients investigated the utility of erector spinae plane blocks (ESPB) in paediatric sternotomy for cardiac procedures. The primary outcome was cumulative...


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