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Reviews submitted by Dr Renee Burton are listed below
The Children's Hospital at Westmead
Perioperative Anaphylaxis


Submitted January 2023 by Dr Renee Burton

A comprehensive overview of anaphylaxis is delivered by this paper. Covering the pathophysiology (triggering mechanisms, diagnosis) and epidemiology. Of particular interest, is a review of agents...

Needle-free pharmacological sedation techniques in paediatric patients for imaging procedures

A systematic review and meta-analysis

British Journal of Anaesthesia

Submitted January 2023 by Dr Renee Burton

The authors present extensive review of the current literature relating to providing sedation “needle free” for MRI. The study includes a wide variety of different techniques of providing sedation in...

Foreign Body and Caustic Substance Ingestion in Childhood.

Open Access Emergency Medicine

Submitted January 2023 by Dr Renee Burton

This is an excellent article from BJA education that explores a general approach to a child presenting with a possible high-risk ingestion. In a concise fashion, expected examination findings, red...


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